Thrive Cannabis Announces Sales Agency Agreement With Green Hedge


TORONTO, March 05, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Thrive Cannabis, a licensed producer of premium, craft cannabis and concentrates based in Simcoe, Ontario, is pleased to announce that it has signed an agreement with Green Hedge Education & Distribution Services Ltd. (?Green Hedge?) to act as Thrive?s outside sales force, providing coverage to licensed cannabis wholesalers and retailers across Canada.

Green Hedge is a cannabis sales and distribution company headquartered in Toronto, Ontario, led by entrepreneur and decorated beverage alcohol insider, Andrew von Teichman. His experience includes founding Von Terra Enterprises Ltd, a manufacturer?s representation agency for beverage alcohol brands that have earned six LCBO partnership awards. Mr. von Teichman is the current President of Drinks Ontario, co-owner of D?Ont Poke the Bear wines and cider, and has also served in sales leadership positions at Constellation Brands.

?Our team could not be more excited to start the journey with Thrive and their exceptional line up of products. Their differentiated consumer brands will add even more depth to our curated cannabis portfolio,? said Mr. von Teichman, CEO of Green Hedge. ?We believe our retail partners will be genuinely excited to carry these brands in store.?

The partnership sets the stage for the launch of Thrive?s new line of cannabis concentrates and flower products, expected to hit markets in mid-year 2020. Thrive will offer premium live resin vape cartridges and dab products?made from outdoor-grown cannabis, with robust terpene and flavonoid profiles as well as indoor-grown AAAA dried flower and all-flower pre-rolls. Thrive will also introduce a line of fast-acting sublingual cannabis strips, with precise doses of THC and CBD, under its health and wellness brand,?also expected to roll out in 2020.

?We believe that Green Hedge is the right sales partner for Thrive based on the extremely strong relationships they have with each provincial cannabis board and the sheer bench strength of cannabis enthusiasts they have on their sales and educational teams. We could not be happier to have them representing our consumer brand, which is the ultimate enthusiast-driven brand, as well as educating retail staff about our functionally-superior and innovative sublingual products,? said Geoff Hoover, CEO of Thrive.

About Thrive Cannabis:

Thrive Cannabis is a privately held, vertically integrated cultivator and processor of premium and ultra-premium craft cannabis and cannabis concentrates, founded in 2018, with production facilities in Simcoe, Ontario. Thrive holds production, sales and outdoor cultivation licenses from Health Canada. Thrive Cannabis is currently developing premium brands for the Canadian recreational market that will commence distribution in 2020. To learn more, visit us at?

About Green Hedge:

Green Hedge?s mission is to be the leading cannabis distributor in Canada, providing a complete sales, marketing and education solution for licensed producers and cannabis companies. Green Hedge offers cannabis manufacturers a national voice for their brands into retailers in every province, leveraging a highly knowledgeable and discerning team of cannabis sales educators. Green Hedge represents a leading portfolio of some of Canada?s top cannabis brands.

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